Evelyn has been working as a volunteer at our Sunday School for 13 years. She has been volunteering in the capacity of a Sunday School Teacher, teaching Children between the ages of 18months to 13 years.

She is dedicated and very committed to both the teaching team of Twenty Teachers and the 150 Children. She has given me great support as the Manager of the Sunday school. When she started there were about 38 children, but today we have up to 150 children in total.

We have six different age groups and have teachings and activities to cater for the different age groups. Evelyn has always given good ideas and suggestions to support the ministry. She is very good with all the different ages and able to reach out, connect to each and every individual child, no matter their background.


She always promotes equality and encourages the whole development of the children, always giving her 100 percent to bring the best out of them. Also she has been very instrumental in promoting healthy eating amongst our children, as she comes in early every Sunday to get fruits and healthy snack ready for them.


Evelyn is an inspiration to all of us; a few years ago she went to learn British Sign Language so she can reach out to any child who needed this service. Even though Evelyn has several years experience working with children she has still gone and done several courses. This to me is the epitome of dedication.


I have two young children less than five years old and I will definitely trust them in Evelyn's care.

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